New York Theatre Festival

Hudson Guild Theatre, NYC

Directed by: Aiden Dreskin 

Cast: Sarah Kowalski, Cam Wenrich, Ross Barron, and Allison Shea Reed

Sound Design: Aiden Dreskin 

Lighting Design: Venus Platt

RedWit Theatre

Alumnae Studio Theatre, Toronto

Directed by: Lorna Craig

Cast: Hannah Wayne-Phillips, Tristan Claxton, Jordan Kenny, and Allison Shea Reed

Sound Design: Lorna Craig

Lighting Design: Olivia-Cassidy Stupka

"Thank you. My daughter has OCD and I thought I understood but it wasn't until watching the show that I understood what was happening in the silences."

"IT'S HOW YOUNG PEOPLE SHOULD BE WRITTEN.  I know those people, I love those people and I feel those people."

"Powerful and so damn important.  Every high school student and their parents should see this show.  It should be mandatory viewing."

"I forgot I was in a theatre watching a play.  I haven't laughed  or cried that hard while watching anything in a long time." 

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